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Cage football field lawn

Release time: 2019/11/04

  Cage football field
  Cage football field can be roughly divided into four specifications: 3-player, 5-player, 7-player, and 8-player according to the size of the field
  . There are
  many single cages for 7-person and 8-person

  3 people, length 14m-18m, width 8m-12m, height 4m
  5 people, length 25m-42m, width 15m-25m, height 4m
  7 people, length 50m-70m, width 35m-50m, height 4m-5m
  8-person, 55m-75m long, 40m-55m wide, 4m-5m high.
  Relatively speaking, 3-person and 5-person cage football stadiums are more popular and more flexible in size, such as residential plots and rooftops. , Or other open spaces ranging in size from one hundred to several hundred, can be used to construct cage football fields. And if entertainment exercise is the demand, you don't need to care too much about the specifications, and arrange the venue according to local conditions.
  The composition of cage football mainly has 4 parts: artificial grass without padding football field + cage (net) + ceiling + lighting