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What kind of football shoes to wear artificial turf, plastic fake lawn suitable shoes

Release time: 2019/11/04

  What kind of football shoes to wear on artificial turf and what kind of shoes are suitable for plastic fake lawns? Presumably those who like to play sports on artificial artificial lawns are very concerned about this issue! Don't worry, the following is a detailed introduction by Bona Plastics' editor!
  The specific introduction of what football shoes are worn by artificial turf is as follows:
  TF: Turf (ground for laying artificial plastic grass), which is commonly known as "broken nails". It is suitable for the field where turf is laid manually. This is almost an all-around football shoe. For ordinary players, the TF bottom is the most practical. The reason is that in addition to playing serious games, players often only "train", such as playing with a few friends on the small field, Simply turning the ball and passing the ball will not change the direction and force the shot and the long pass violently. In this case, the soft bottom comfort of TF is most vividly reflected. This is based on the current conditions of the domestic site. TF can cope with the softness and thickness of most concrete floors, thin artificial turf, and plastic fields.
  If you often play on this kind of field, the balance of comfort, grip and wear resistance of the MG bottom is the best. This kind of studded shoes is not very common, but it is very suitable for the Chinese market. For consumers, HG is too hard and poor in comfort, TF sometimes has insufficient grip and wear resistance, and MG is a good intermediate value.
  The difference between bar studs and cylindrical studs: For the need to frequently change direction in football, the shoe manufacturer has designed bar studs with sole contours to increase the grip ability during rapid steering and make players Can more effectively exert its explosive power. However, bar spikes are more dangerous to players than cylindrical spikes. Also. The grip of the knife spike is very good, and the cylindrical spike is the most powerful and reasonable to balance and bear the strength of the foot.
  The correct way to wash shoes is by hand. Please do not use the washing machine to clean the shoes. After cleaning, put the shoes in the shade and dry them. Putting some newspapers in the shoes will have a strong water absorption effect. Do not put them in the bag. A large piece of mud can be removed with hot water using a brush or a cloth, and the effect is the best, and synthetic shoes are more scientifically washed with cold water, and remember not to dry the shoes in the sun or next to the stove or heater, otherwise the shoes The colloidal fibers will oxidize and aging, forming tatters, cracks and frays, and will change the color of some shoes. You can use the shoe support after drying, so that your shoes will not be deformed and can be given during maintenance Sneakers are coated with a special shoe polish for sports shoes. Bona has a special shoe polish for football shoes. Please note that please do not use care products containing dissolved substances, such as leather shoe polish, because such items will damage the surface of the shoe. , Which will shorten the life of your shoes and make them worse faster.
  Will the position of the shoelaces affect the playing of the game? Today's sneakers pay more and more attention to technology. The position of the shoelace moves from the center of the traditional instep to the sides of the shoe. This design not only makes the shoe more novel and beautiful, but also has its practical use and can be used more accurately. The ball is kicked at the instep, and the area of ​​the shoe touches the ball is increased due to the lateral shift of the shoelace position. It is easier for the wearer to exert force and more easily control the football and shooting of the instep. The design of the current sneakers pays more attention to the technical content, comfort, overall lightness of the sneakers, unique and novel shapes, and it is more conducive to players to kick out the "banana ball". Many sneakers will add special materials or twills near the tip of the shoe and the side of the shoe , Such a design can make the football shot by the player more rotating, of course, the arc of the ball during flight will be greater. In addition, the material of the shoe also plays a considerable role, compared with PU and artificial leather Genuine leather is easier to kick the "banana" ball, because the PU and artificial leather upper is smoother than the leather upper. The leather is strong, but not as strong as cowhide. The disadvantage of cowhide is that its breathability is poor; while PU is smoother, but it is not as strong as leather; artificial leather is relatively soft and wear-resistant; artificial leather is the worst material for making shoes The characteristics of kangaroo leather are light and breathable, but the firmness is similar to that of genuine leather, not as good as cowhide.
  The football shoes and plastic fake lawn suitable shoes for the above artificial turf are introduced to everyone here. Welcome to continue to pay attention to Kangkang artificial turf!