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Artificial Football Lawn vs. Natural Lawn

Release time: 2019/11/04

  FIFA's decision to use artificial football lawns at the 2015 Women's World Cup has also caused huge controversy. So regarding artificial football turf vs. natural turf is better or worse, today from the operating cost and input cost analysis.
  In addition, football lawns also have some disadvantages. We usually do not use them in school courts. However, if we put them in some games with high confrontation, the disadvantages of man and grass will appear. There is a gap; secondly, the elasticity of the field is larger, but the ground is harder. This is the effect produced by filling the rubber particles. Finally, at high temperatures, the grass is hot. In summary, the top competition still recommends real grass and the mixed turf popular in Europe and America, such as the men’s football World Cup. If the secondary competition is a comprehensive comparison of artificial turf, the advantage is greater.
  Summary: I think that artificial turf has a huge advantage in promotion, especially in northern China, it is not suitable for natural grass at all, let alone water consumption, maintenance cost is too high, and the effect is not good, the temperature difference is large, frozen to death Too much, really not as good as what we dubbed.
  1. As the manufacturing batch increases, the unit cost will definitely decrease
  2. The maintenance labor cost is much less
  3. The non-FIFA certified artificial turf is cheaper than natural turf and it can be "comparable" to Chinese cuisine Natural turf.