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Introduction to Artificial Turf

Release time: 2019/09/06
Introduction to Artificial Turf

  According to the production process, artificial turf is divided into injection-molded artificial turf and woven artificial turf. The injection molding artificial turf adopts the injection molding process, which squeezes the plastic particles in the mold at once, and bends the lawn using the bending technology, so that the grass blades are arranged at equal intervals and in equal amounts, and the height of the grass blades is completely unified. It is suitable for kindergartens, sports fields, balconies, greening, sand gold, etc.
  Woven lawns are made of grass-fiber-like synthetic fibers, implanted in a woven base fabric, and a fixed coating is applied on the back to make artificial lawns on sports fields, leisure fields, golf fields, garden floors, and green grounds. .