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Main advantages of simulated turf

Release time: 2019/09/06
Main advantages of simulated turf

  1. It is less affected by the environment, can be used for a long time, and has a long life.
  2. Easy maintenance. The branches and leaves of the simulated plant are not moldy, rotten, watered, and do not breed mosquitoes and flies.
  3. Strong plasticity and environmentally friendly materials. The main raw materials are: plastic products, silk cloth, PU, ​​unsaturated resin, in addition, metal rods, PVC hoses, fresh-keeping plants, etc. are used. These materials have no pollution or little pollution. Because the material has great elasticity, it can be matched with models of special height and shape, and it can keep evergreen, breaking through the limitations of the real product. The production skills are very delicate, exquisite and realistic.
  Fourth, the price is affordable. The material is excellent. The price of artificial plants is not high, and some are much lower than real flowers and grass, which is convenient for transportation and easy to handle